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Pug Poem Gifts
Pug Poem Gifts

Pug Poem Gifts

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This cute cartoon pug keepsake would make a great gift for any dog owner who has a pug in their family, maybe they have more than one pug? This is no problem at all! We personalize this to suit you at no extra cost with as many pugs you would like on this picture with any colours and changes to the pug poem! We can even add accessories to the pug which you can choose from the choices in the photo, from funny hats, scarfs and bow ties to make it as similar to your Pug's personality in real life! You won't find anything as personalized as this pug gift.

The words in the example photo say:

"A Pug Morning Each morning a little face frowns at her, with a lot of wrinkles and chubby rolls of fur. Huge black eyes with a tiny flat nose, soft ears, folded up like a rose. It’s Bubsy! Amy’s Pug. A Pug’s love is unconditional, A best friend and His slobbery kisses are additional. My dog makes His feelings plain to see, each time He wags his curly tail at me! A true family companion and a little bundle of fun, No matter who visits, Bubsy loves everyone."