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Pitbull Dog Gifts
Pitbull Dog Gifts

Pitbull Dog Gifts

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This lovely pitbull dog gift can be personalised for you with any changes to the words and colours, what a great keepsake for any Pitbull dog owner, the Pitbull poem can include any Dog's name plus the dog owners name! The colours can be matched with any home decor plus it features a cute little watercolor illustration of a happy Pitbull at the bottom.

If you want the picture of the Pitbull at the bottom to have accessories that make it more fun, friendly and similar to your own Pitbull Dog in real life then choose any accessories from our second photo showing many choices of hats, scarfs and funny add ons that can be printed onto the picture at no extra cost!

"A Pitbull Morning Each morning a huge smile greets her, with energy to play and soft flat fur. Kind black eyes with a cute black nose, floppy little ears plus muscles on show. It’s Jenny’s Pitbull, Tucker! Tucker’s love is unconditional, And His burglar protection is additional. He always makes His feelings plain to see, each time He wags his bum me! Gentle as a lamb, huggable and eager to please, A puppy at heart and happy to be squeezed!"

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