We sell three different types of pictures for you to add fingerprints, thumbprints or a handprint to create a great keepsake! We can print these pictures onto a high-quality sheet of card for you to place into your own photo frame after, or we can handmake these pictures on canvas which simply hangs on the wall without the need for any photo frame!

All of our fingerprint, thumbprint, and handprint pictures come in a range of designs, some are family tree designs for you to add your thumbprints onto, around the branches to 'create leafs', another one of our designs are simply a personalised poem with a blank space on the side of the picture for your child to add their handprint onto and another design of ours includes adorable animal illustrations holding string from a balloon, the fun part is having your children add their thumbprints above the animal to create the 'balloon' shapes!

When you order any of our fingerprint, thumbprint or handprint keepsakes please use your own face paint, fingerprint ink or normal paint to finish the picture.