At PersonalisedPictureKeepsake, we help our customers cherish their best moments in life. We have been giving customers the best experience possible since 2014. Whether you are looking to become an affiliate for the first time to earn extra money from home or you have been an affiliate for another company in the past and didn't get the success you wanted? We want you to give our affiliate program a try. On average our affiliates earn £5 per order with our 15% affiliate program.

Unlike other companies who want a 'start-up fee' for you to sell their products, we don't want any money for you to become an affiliate with us, ours is 100% free and will forever be free which means there is no risk for trying this out, so what are you waiting for? Click here and get started on your path to success!

When you sign up to our affiliate system you will receive a unique link, this will earn you money when people click it and order from our website. It's THAT simple.

You can get as creative as you like when sharing your unique link, post it on Facebook groups, Instagram, Twitter, blogs or get really creative and make a youtube channel about our products (make sure you tell them to click your unique link if you do a video!)

Some of our affiliates have even started 'picture parties' and made their own mini catalog by taking their favorite products from our website that they know they could sell. They invite family, friends, and neighbours round and host 'picture parties'. Basically the more you share it, the more people will see it which means you will earn more money.

So maybe you're looking to become an affiliate but you're now thinking, why us? We offer a competitive commission rate compared to other companies similar to us. We have a strong conversion rate and dedicated support via email if you have any questions or want to request something to help you get started selling! We make very unique and personalised products that can be brought for any special occasion that cover a wide range of ages and genders which makes it easier for you to get sales.

Our prices start from just £6 and we post regular sales on our website which means when your customers visit your link to our website they will see our big sale prices making them want to order!

So how to get started? Click here and sign up!

What happens after I sign up?

After signing up to our affiliate program using your email address or you can log on via your Facebook account making it easier. You will be able to log in and see a summary of your referrals, orders, sales, conversion,  and total earnings. By clicking ‘Settings’ you are able to customize your URL affiliate code, you can use your name or any word you like, this is the most important part of our affiliate program as it’s the custom link you will be sharing everywhere!

Under ’Settings’ you will be able to fill in a bit about yourself, your website link, Instagram, Twitter and how you want to get paid, you will need to add your preferred payment by clicking ’setup’. Paypal is the best option for this.

When you're logged onto your affiliate page, click ‘Products’. Here you will be able to browse our website for your favorite products, paste in the URL and it will generate an affiliate link. You will also see ‘coupon codes’, this will come later when you have got some sales, you can then request a discount code to share instead.

We send you images to help you promote our products, showing different sizes and designs we offer. It’s up to you how creative you would like to be when sharing your affiliate link!