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Mother And Daughter Keepsake

Mother And Daughter Keepsake

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What makes a Mum? Grab this keepsake and put a smile on your Mum's face! It would make a lovely gift for her birthday, mother's day.

This is designed to look similar to you and your mum, or maybe you're a mum gifting it to your daughter, in this case - it is hand drawn to look similar to you and your daughter using photos you can upload when ordering this, the example shows a red colour theme but this can b changed to match your room decor!

Although the words can be personalised to anything you like, you may want to read the example poem, the words shown in the example photo say:

"What makes a Mum? An early riser, a birthday surpriser, a source of a fiver, a free taxi driver. A keen stain remover, a wielder of hoover, a peeler & cooker, an appointment booker, A loyal defender, and christmas card sender. a 'be quiet' hisser, a sweet dreams kisser. A hero, that's what makes My mum!"

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