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Fingerprint Pictures

There are many reasons to have a fingerprint, thumbprint or handprint keepsake made for a birthday, event, wedding, baby shower or just simply to have the family round to create something special for the feature wall in your home!

Having the grandchildren add their little fingerprints on canvas or card, having it hanging proudly on the wall in your home is a special memory that you can cherish forever.

It also makes a fun activity that anyone can join in with, at a birthday party, christening, baby shower or wedding!

Maybe your looking for a guestbook for your own wedding and can't find something unique, something that stands out that gets every age involved in doing, our fingerprint and thumbprint templates would make a perfect guestbook alternative!


Baby showers can be hard to organize nowadays, there's so much out there to buy and sometimes it can get a bit overwhelming! Finding an activity that everyone can do and a gift for mum-to-be can cost a lot, well if you have one of our fingerprint keepsakes made this can be given as a gift for the mum to hang up in the new babies nursery plus makes a fun activity to do at the baby shower all together!

We also have a gender reveal fingerprint keepsake, by using your own pink or blue ink, facepaint or paint, by ordering this keepsake from us you can all add your fingerprints onto the picture to find out which gender the baby will be, this is a super unique idea and there are only a few other companies who offer this in the UK, we are one of them and personalize ours at no extra cost with anything!

It's not just for children! We can create almost any theme you like for a birthday party, it makes a perfect keepsake for the wall after the birthday has gone, we make unicorn themed ones, flamingo, pirate, beach theme and so many more, click here to view all our range of fingerprint pictures, thumbprint keepsakes, and handprint poems!

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