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Add some glitz & glam to your photo!

Have you seen the latest trend on TOWIE that many celebrities are having including TV presenter Rylan Clark, reality stars Scarlett Moffatt, Megan McKenna, Lydia Bright, Danielle Lloyd, and Amy Childs plus models Katie Price, Jenny Laird and so many more!

You can have the same product made especially for you at affordable prices, It's quick and easy to order, send us your photo(s) and let us do the magic! These sparkle photo gifts are handmade and totally unique and add a bit of sparkle to any home because everyone is a star and deserves the right to twinkle not just celebrities!

Our sparkle canvas pictures are premium quality and come in three different sizes and a range of styles for you to choose from such as faded and square collages, family trees that glitter or just simply your own photo that twinkles. We add tiny Swarovski crystals to the picture to give it that extra special touch at no extra cost.

Make someone feel extraordinary on their special day with a personal glitter canvas, whether it's to give as a wedding gift or for a special birthday or for Christmas, you can never go wrong with the beauty of sparkle! These are custom made and are shiny no matter where it is placed in the home. If you know someone who loves anything that sparkles, this would make a perfect gift for them!

Many other businesses that sell 'diamond dust canvases', 'crystallized canvas' or 'sparkle canvases' whatever they call them, you have to be careful as some have been known to create the shiny effect by gluing crushed diamonds or even glass onto your photo which is very dangerous and can't be touched, this isn't the best opinion when you have children in the family, these businesses won't tell you that all those sharp parts sticking out of the canvas will flake off in time too.

For safety reasons we do NOT use the same materials as these other businesses do, ALL of our sparkle effect canvas pictures can be touched and the glitter dust does not flake off even if it's held upside down!

So to achieve this magical glittering look within your photos order from us and have something made that you can trust will arrive quickly, be safe to have in your home and look fabulous!

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